What to Watch?

You troll Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Hulu, you flip channels to see what’s on cable, satellite and pay-per-view, you scan in frustration the alphabetical video section at your local library. How do you know what movie might be the one you’re looking for?

No ordinary list, guide or renting queue will take your real life into account. What if you’d like a movie to complement a cold snowy day, or to empathize with a recent break-up, or to help you get psyched up for a cruise, or to reverb with the holiday vibe of Christmas or Independence Day or Halloween?

Flickipedia knows all that and has just the movie to suit your season, your mood, your life event, your calamity, your good fortune. Movies reflect our lives, and enhance our experience, just as they can bring us out of our own lives when things aren’t going so well and we need an escape.

Flickipedia also knows that just because you loved Robert De Niro in Raging Bull doesn’t mean you want to suffer through Little Fockers. This isn’t an exhaustive database of every movie ever made. We focus on the films that echo or accentuate or express our daily and yearly experiences. We’re also selective, knowing that love for, say, The Shawshank Redemption doesn’t mean prison films dominate your wish list.

Flickipedia is organized into six main sections (at the top of the page), each of which has subcategories and a selection of movies, plus a description of the movie and why it might be just what you’re looking for. Hockey season begins tomorrow? You’re starting a new job on Monday? It’s Saturday night and you don’t have a babysitter? Feel like revisiting the 60s? Need to get a good cry out of your system?  Don’t worry. There’s a movie for that.

P.S. This site, derived from and inspired by our book FLICKIPEDIA, is in Beta, and is a work in progress.

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