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Michael Atkinson is a longtime film critic, frequently in The Village Voice, Sight & Sound, The New York Times, Film Comment, The Guardian, Time Out New YorkMoving Image Source, The Believer, SPiN, Interview, In These Times, tcm.com, and many other publications. He is the author of several books, including Exile Cinema: Filmmakers at Work Beyond Hollywood (SUNY Press), Ghosts in the Machine: Speculating on the Dark Heart of Pop Cinema (Limelight Eds.), and the novels Hemingway Deadlights and Hemingway Cutthroat (St. Martin’s Press). He teaches at LIU-Post.

Laurel Shifrin is an Enterprise Architect at LexisNexis who specializes in metadata and XML-related technologies, and is a veteran cinephile in her off hours. Together they have three children, a dog named Jeeves, and an accumulation of more than 6000 movies.

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