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Lost in America (1985)

Is Lost in America the worst vacation on film? Don’t throw down an extreme-scenario gauntlet if you don’t want Albert Brooks to step up and take the gold. Here, he’s a fired ad exec who leaves L.A. with wife Julie Hagerty and a head full of road movie cliches and Easy Rider memories. He doesn’t get far, and the comedy of discomfort that ensues is peerless.

Lost in America
Lost in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Real Life (1979)

In 1973, PBS ran a documentary series called An American Family, about a real upper-middle-class nuclear unit, shot in the family’s home. But how could that have been “reality,” asks comic Albert Brooks in his first film, which duplicates the scenario to wicked, double-edged-sword effect. As usual, Brooks is the ogre-ish primary target, but the era’s relationship to TV and fame are also bludgeoned into pulp.